Month: October 2017

Month: October 2017

You had enough and now you have finally decided to separate from your partner. Most of the time divorce and separation is done on a mutual basis. However, not all cases are the same. After all one doesn’t get to enjoy a happy ending just like others ort just like the movies.

Sometime parents decide to settle their case, by taking it to court. For this they take the help of a family lawyer, one must get ready for a long court battle. Even any reputed family lawyer Oakville feels that settling a separation or divorce on a mutual basis is considered to be the best move. After all court cases that involves putting blames or accusing others is not a very healthy thing. It causes stress and anxiety to fighting parties as well as for their child.

child support

Child Support

However, when it comes to providing the best for their children, both parties try to come to a friendly decision. But still many parents get involved in a custodial battle. It has been seen that in most cases mothers pay child support to custodial fathers, but mothers can also become the custodial parent and then the father needs to pay for child support.

Any good family lawyer Oakville tries to acquaint parents about the child support guidelines. This is because child support rules vary from one province to another. Depending on the state when the parents belong; the number of children eligible for support; and the total income of the payer will be the deciding factor for the amount of child support. However, child support amount depends on the living expense and the needs of the children.

Lawyers Can Help To Check the Amount

If you don’t have any idea about the amount of money that you need to provide for child maintenance, you can obviously take the help of a family attorney. The attorneys can help clients to go through the guideline and make them aware of the fact that the amount that needs to be paid.

A family lawyer Oakville can easily explain the goal of the guidelines that has been written for child support. Basically the aim of it is to set a fair standard of support for the child. It is done to check the child gets to enjoy financial benefits of both parents. Although, parents can take the help of child support calculator, but it would be better if a parent follows the Child Support Tables. It also clearly defines that one need to support their child till they start to work on their own.

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Understanding Child Support Tables

Family lawyer Oakville can help parents to get hold of child support tables. The table can clearly mention the amount of money a parent needs to give on a monthly basis. Basically, the amounts are fixed depending on a study made on average spending on children. Also, if a child stays with one parent 40% of the time and with other parent 60% then the amount would get divided.

One doesn’t need to fret when deciding on the amount of money for child support. Taking the help of a family lawyer Oakville would be wise decision for any parent.


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