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Accidents and mishaps are part and parcel of the life where one cannot predict the upcoming circumstances. What makes the situation worse is when you are the victim but you are being framed for the whole incident. Cases like these require expert guidance and help. As every case has certain time limitations, it is advise and wise to seek consultation with a criminal lawyer to defend your rights.  You can now easily consult with one of Toronto’s best criminal lawyer by visiting the website at You can also visit their office at:

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Three Things to Do When Charged With a Crime in Toronto

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When charged with a crime in Toronto, the government will always try to prove that the person has committed the crime irrespective of whether they are guilty or not. When this happens, a person needs to be ready to defend themselves. There are several people whose lives have been greatly affected because of the manner in which they behaved after being arrested. You need to ensure that you immediately get assistance for hiring a good Toronto criminal lawyer so that you can ensure that you have the best advice. Here are three things that you need to do when you are charged with a crime in Toronto.

Look for The best criminal lawyers in Toronto

When arrested, immediately ask for the privilege to talk to the criminal defense lawyer. First do this verbally and then make sure to get it in writing when there is a chance. Law enforcements arrests people every day and this offer is extended to everyone. When someone asks for the help of defense lawyer, they get to know that they are invoking the privileges that they have didn’t know were available to them.

Do Not Panic After Being Arrested

When arrested after being charged with a crime, panicking can make the situation worse. When the police come and arrest you, you need to remain calm and behave like you are following everything that is being said. Any reported bad behaviour of the person after being arrested can be used against them and in favor of the other party. You should remain calm and silent and ask for a defense lawyer politely.1092

Creating a List for Supporting Evidence

Do not ever forget to make a list of reliable people. The list needs to have the name, phone number, and also the address of the people who might have some information regarding the case that has been filed against you.

Remember, the time between your arrest and initial appearance in the court is the time when the government decides to charge you with a crime or not.  This process may seem painful and sometimes out of control. That’s exactly why you need a criminal lawyer Toronto who can help you save the future.







Why you should consult an immigration law firm for family sponsorship to Toronto

In case, you are permanent resident of Toronto then you are eligible to sponsor your spouse, dependent child, conjugal partner, common-law partner, and eligible relative to become a resident of Toronto. If you are sponsoring a relative to become a permanent resident of Toronto then you will have to be responsible for supporting them financially when they are there. However, the process of acquiring a visa and immigrating is quite arduous, especially if you are inexperienced.

You can hire the services of a Toronto immigration law firm to advice and help you out in the proceedings. To learn about the importance of consulting a law firm for family visa cases, read the points that have been enumerated below.

Role of the Immigration Attorney

One important thing that you need to understand is that if you are applying for family visa for people who are outside Toronto, there are two parts of the entire process. The first part of the process is filing of the petition. This is filed in the place where you are immigrating. While, on the other hand, the second part of the process if submitting every application over the internet, sending in the physical documents, and also coordinating an appointment through the embassy or consulates. This might be a complicated process and at times the consulates and the embassies do not respond to the application and to your problems. An immigration attorney will help you to communicate with the consulate or embassies. This makes the process a smooth one.

Immigration lawyer Toronto

Filing of the Petitions

It is necessary to talk to the attorney prior to filing a petition for people who are already present in Toronto, particularly when they have an immigration history, have been out of status, has criminal history, and has entered illegally. If you are submitting a petition for a person who is already in Toronto, you are actually exposing the person, as well their immigration history to the government. You need to make sure that if the person is eligible for some status and if you are comfortable that they won’t put them in removal proceedings when the petition is submitted. An immigration attorney will help you to decide whether it is safe or not to file an application and help in detecting any issues that might arise in the process.

Non-Traditional Marriages

Another situation in which you need to talk to immigration attorney for family visa is in case of a non-traditional marriage and the application is marriage based. If there is anything that might raise a concern, it is when the government tries to decide if you have a bona fide relationship like when you have met over the internet, it is an arrange marriage, or if there is a huge age difference. These kinds of applications are thoroughly scrutinized. If your relationship falls under this category then you should hire an immigration attorney.

When your family members apply for a visa, you need to make sure that you are making proper and informed decision all throughout the process. One of the best ways you will be able to do this is by taking the help of an expert lawyer. Contact an established immigration law firm now. For more info regarding this, you can check here.

How to Handle a Motor Vehicle Injury

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In case, you have been involved in an auto accident and have to file an insurance claim then you need to follow a definite process. When you involved in an unfortunate event of car accident which includes injury and property damage you need to file a claim with the insurance company.  The process may seem a little tough to comprehend but with a personal injury lawyers Toronto you can navigate your way through trouble.

personal injury lawyer toronto

Report the Accident

After an auto accident involving property damage and accident, you have to file a  report to the broker, insurance agent, or the insurance company within a week regardless of who is guilty. If you are unable to report the accident within a week then you should do it as soon as you can. This is because if you fail to report the accident within a prescribed time then the insurance company might refuse to honor your claim.

Keep the following facts ready : the name of the insurance company of the owner, the number of the policy, your vehicle’s year, make, model, license plate number, the name and license number of the driver, the time, date, and location of the accident, the extent of the injury, and the total number of passenger involved.

Read the Policy Carefully

You should take some time out and read the policy carefully. It states the specific details of the insurance coverage, you responsibilities, and rights under the contract. In case, you do not have a copy of the policy, ask for it from your broker, agent, or the insurance company. You will be able to understand the claims better if you know the details of the policy.

Once you have filed a claim, you will be contacted with the person who is adjusting the claim. In some cases, the adjuster might want to meet you, while in other times the entire claim is taken care of over the phone. You might also have to complete a claim form to support your claim. To ensure that you deal with this kind of problem easily please visit the Toronto Personal injury lawyer website.

Immigrating to Canada with the help of an immigration lawyer in Toronto

Canada is seen as one of the best countries to live in and start a new career. With so many established universities and colleges that have a high reputation worldwide, this country is a great opportunity for international students to focus on a better future. Many skilled trades and professional workers also choose to immigrate to this country for better opportunities to work with big multinational companies. Many established companies also hire other foreign national workers that have a special set of skill. Besides the education and the professional working life, Canada is also known for their infrastructure, healthy life style, and good living standard and amazing. In order to immigrate to Canada, you will need the help of an immigration lawyer in Toronto to ensure that all your documentation if filed correctly.

Immigration lawyers aim to help all foreign immigrants to help settle in Canada easily. Immigrating to any country can be a very complicated procedure. Especially if you are moving from a listed country to Canada, you need to be aware about the additional requirements such as IETLS and medical examinations. In certain cases police verification and back ground checks may be required. All this needs to be done before you submit your final application for the immigration.toronto immigration lawyer

Having an immigration lawyer on your side can help you gather all the required documents. The lawyer can also endorse you and build a strong case for you. They also give you added guidance on how you can smoothly settle in Canada and what are the things you need to take care of when you move here.

For international resident residing in Canada and aiming to get their permanent residency of Canada, a lawyer can be the best guide to find the fastest way of getting your residency. In many cases students are not able to get a suitable job or score enough points on the express entry to get an invitation. A lawyer can be your guide in choosing an alternative way of getting your permanent residency. An immigration lawyer in Toronto can help you with all your application procedures and filing in your paper work. Whether you are looking to file for your LMIA or getting a provincial invitation, having a lawyer by your side is the safest bet you can make on your Canadian residency.

You can easily find the top rated lawyer for immigration online. All you have to do is call the law firm, discuss about your problem and book a consultation with the lawyer. On the day of the appointment, you can discuss in details about your scenario and ensure that the guidance you are getting from the lawyer is satisfactory. If you feel the lawyer might charge too much and not convinced, you can easily go to a new one. Check the reviews and reputation before calling. Having an immigration lawyer by your side has many benefits. You don’t want to risk your status as a foreign worker in Canada. Call a lawyer now and get your professional consultation.







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